Learning Guitar VS Piano

16 Jan

As I play both the guitar and piano, I am often asked by people this question: Which of the two is much easier to learn? Should I start learning the piano or the guitar?

There is really no easy way to tell which of the two is easier to play or which one would be a good choice to start with. I can only share what I have experienced regarding this matter.

As I have experienced before, many people, from children to older ones, seem to succeed in learning to play both instruments so determining which one is easier might be a difficult thing to say. One aspect to consider is the preference of the person who wants to learn.

Most people, especially the younger generation tends to play the guitar more as it has quite a few advantages such as its “cool” factor. Its portability makes it easy for someone to just take the guitar anywhere and play to their heart’s content. The price of a guitar is also quite less expensive than a piano or a keyboard.

Regardless, learning to play the piano is a bit simpler than learning to play the guitar. In just a few practice sessions, learning to play a piece or two in a piano is achievable while learning to play the guitar at first will take time and patience and also tougher fingers.

It will take at least a week or two for your fingers to be quite used to being pressed and hammered against hard strings on a guitar. This is not the case in a piano as playing it simply requires one to sit on a chair, curl your fingers and press on a key.

In a few months’ time, playing the guitar will seem to be much easier as your fingers have adapted to the regular exposure to the guitar frets and strings. You may definitely have learned a handful of chords and of course a few songs that include combinations of those chords.

With the same amount of time, you may have learned a few simple songs on a piano and will continue to make a steady improvement but shifting to intermediate pieces might take a lot longer. Using two hands to play the piano is a lot trickier at first and will take more time to practice.

When we ask which instrument is much easier to play and learn first? Our answer will almost always be the piano as it doesn’t require much of a beginner’s time and effort to play a few simple songs. The guitar requires one to pluck a string and press on it on a fret simultaneously to create a sound thus forcing you to multitask. This gets easier though when practiced on a regular basis and will make anyone ready to handle more intermediate tasks.

Personal Preference is the Key

The piano is a great choice to begin on especially for the children as it provides a simple outline of the whole music theory making them ready to tackle any instrument in the future. On the other hand, the guitar has that certain allure to the younger generation which most of the time is the primary reason why most of them pick the guitar first before anything else.

In the end, it all comes down to the personal preference of the one who wants to learn. Regardless of the differences in learning curve and advancement (from simple to intermediate and intermediate to advanced), a person will choose to learn an instrument in which they first feel that certain instinct that ultimately led them to want to learn.


23 Nov


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